Service and Maintenance of Hoists

Maintenance and Servicing of Pool Hoists

Read on for 7 simple ways to reduce call-outs to Pool hoists…


1) Check the emergency stop

If the emergency stop button has been pushed (on a mobile hoist), or the cord has been pulled (on an overhead hoist), this will stop the hoist from moving and prevent any further operation. The emergency stop can easily be reset – this will be detailed in the hoist instruction manual, but often this can be reset by twisting the button, or by pulling the cord. This can vary from hoist to hoist, but is normally a very simple procedure, and is one of the most common reasons for call-outs.

2) Has the hoist battery been charged?

And is it charged regularly? Batteries that are not charged regularly will get gradually weaker, until they reach a point that they will no longer retain charge. It is often recommended that when the hoist is not in use that the battery is left on charge, but you should consult your instruction manual for the manufacturers procedure.

3) Ensure the battery engaging with the charger

Check that the battery is mounted correctly on the charger dock, or if it is a cable type charger all plugs are securely connected. If the contacts are misshaped or broken, this will prevent the battery from charging.

4) Is the charger working correctly?

There is normally an LED indicator on the charger to show that power is getting through when the battery is charging. When the battery is fully charged it will stop illuminating. If the light does not come on to indicate the battery is charging, check the battery contacts and ensure that the charger is plugged in to the mains.

5) Check the battery function

If the charger is working correctly, the battery may be at fault. One of the best ways to confirm this is to try another battery that is known to work on the hoist, and if this resolves the issue then a replacement battery is required. Contact us to supply a replacement battery for self-fit.

6) Is the hoist responding to the hand control?

Check that the handset cord has not been pulled out of the control box. Press the handset button up or down and listen for a click at the control box – if there is no click then make sure the handset is connected properly into the control box. Should you have another hoist of same type on site, then substitute handset from this hoist. If the faulty hoist now works, then contact our Technical Support team, or visit our website for a replacement handset.

7) Have you checked all connections?

If the battery, charger and hand control appear to be working, assess all the connections on the hoist such as the leads to the lift motor and leg motors, and check for any damage to cables.

Should the above points not resolve the issues you are experiencing, contact for further assistance – our friendly Technical Support team are happy to discuss the issues you are experiencing and offer further advice, or we can supply spare parts for self-fit. Our key focus is to reduce call-outs to patient lifting hoists where at all possible, as we know this causes interruptions to care and can result in unnecessary costs.



Please note: The above information is advisory only, and safety of the equipment for the client and the user must be maintained at all times. If you are unsure as to the fault with the hoist or it presents a safety hazard, you should take it out of operation and arrange for a qualified Technician to attend to it.



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